Solo Exhibitions


Campo Santo Salvador (2014)
Museum of Sacred Art. Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.15 May to September 7, 2014

With a polemic and poetic work, Flavio Marzadro opens a new solo show in Salvador, the Museum of Sacred Art, 15 May 2014. With this work, the artist transforms Salvador, represented by the Museum of Sacred Art, on a Campo Santo open to Bahia de Todos os Santos.

Memórias do Concílio de Trento: elementos de micro-história
Geology Museum Bahia – Federal University of Bahia. Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Flavio Marzadro. Sublimazione Teologica II (2013)
Flavio Marzadro. Sublimazione Teologica II (2013)

In this solo exhibition, Flavio Marzadro cuts pieces of history and confronts us with what we know of the Council of Trent as a historical event. With this experience, the artist still does a dip in their ancestors, because even if living in Brazil for just over three years, continues with strong ties to Trent, his home region, located in northern Italy.

The curator of Leda Doborah selected a set of works that Marzadro poetically explores the relationship between Trentino man and his memories in such a remarkable period for that society, but also for the entire Western culture.
This relationship is problematized through decontextualized presentation and representations revisited of artifacts that comprised the material culture or micro-history of the Council of Trent. From this concept, the artist Flavio Marzadro search, in his own words, “to see, read, and speak poetically reveal about the meanings in things that are artifacts of material culture that are forgotten, invisible, out of habit, laziness or blindness social “.

Tra il pubblico e il sacro nella Sereníssima
Museu Diocesano – Sala Sant’Apollonia, Venezia, Itália. 14 a 24 de setembo de 2012

This exhibition, curated by Ettore Vio (San Marco Proto), inaugurates the acquisition of the artist’s work Flavio Marzadro the Museum di San Marco (Venice, Italy) that integrates with the Diocesan Museum, the collection of museums Procuratoria di San Marco, manager of the institution St. Mark’s Basilica and his works and own spaces. The exhibition took place in the context of the event La Basilica di San Marco in Venezia nella storia Illustrata and nell’arte of veneziani scrittori organized by Ferdinando Onganía. The works aesthetically discuss some tensions between the human and spiritual, historical and contemporary, public and sacred events of the Serenissima (the historical name of the Republic of Venice) dimensions.

Sob os pés da Itália: nova arqueologia da cultura urbana material
Geology Museum of Bahia (Salvador) of 13 December 2011 to February 25, 2012


This solo exhibition brought together a group of works that sought to poetically discuss the relationship between man and his own material culture through decontextualized presentation and revisited representations of artifacts that make up the stuff of Western urban societies culture and meanings contained therein. For him, these meanings has been hidden by the routines, practices and habits that cause us a certain social blindness. Critics by: Matilde Matos, art critic, member of the ABCA and AICA; Carlos Etchevarne, archaeologist, Prof. Dr. Dept. of Anthropology FFCH / UFBa; Giuliano Ottaviani, Italian artist.


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