Post Factum Trento

Post Factum Trento (2013)
Via Lampi, Trento. Italy.


Construction Builder experience of meaning in art. This event was conceived as a concert not orchestrated by different practices and techniques artistic events, which together form a kind of collective performance that discusses poetically, through art, the current socio-political conditions that require more involvement of citizens and a new balance between the experiences of representative democracy and those of deliberative democracy is common to the whole of Europe.

Curators: Flavio Marzadro e Lucca Pichenstein




(Photos by Zana Boullosa and Lucca Pichenstein)

Invited artists:
Flavio Marzadro, Barbadellate, Zanna Zanella, Valentina Pancheri, Lucio Failla e Youssef Kaffouf, Wooser and others

October 4, 2013, from 14h to 18h

About the experience 

Post-Factum Trent is proposed to achieve a twofold purpose: first, to connect different generations of artists from Trentino and, using resources, materials and different modes of expression, but in this case they decided to share, and create a event art in public space, do a set, co-produced experience between them and the public, a doing together. On the other hand, use this practice of gathering artistic need to poetically discuss possible equilibria between representative democracy and the deliberative, common to the whole of Europe.
With this objective, Post Factum Trent tried to socialize artistic collective learning in creating and expanding the knowledge of doing. Artists and the public were invited to participate not as mere spectator but as an active presence, interacting or doing what you feel on the spot and with the invited artists. This is a way of sharing a practice often poorly consolidated in Italy, as a workshop in the open, an exchange between artists and society, in which you must create a dialogue emerging from an interaction representation and coming to an experience of collective deliberation.

In this way, this initiative has sought to encourage playful and active citizenship participation. It begins with the understanding that an action or non-action are both regarded as an action. Post-factum thus seeks to reflect on the frontiers of little use in time between the artists and the audience of art, inviting visual artists, poets, performers, etc.. to compose this concert is not orchestrated and artistically deliberative. The subjectivity of points of view on reality and its representations must be encouraged and respected, especially in a time where not everyone can see light at the end of the tunnel. Art can be one of the possibilities to promote self-expression and the search for channeling the creative energies and make proposals that would otherwise remain unexpressed and frustrated

The experience was aimed at artists, public art and the public in general passing. Post Factum Trento is an event of action in which different artists meet and collaborate with each other and with the audience. In addition, in the event you are trying to promote socialization among the audience is invited to interact, to speak in his language, its techniques and expressions. We all do something, even when we do not notice, then also not do is make a. The simple part, the action is to be conscious and strong.


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