Experiences of meaning-making art

Experiences of meaning-making art

Experiments construction of meaning through art, referred to as or place-making art, public art brings together experimentations. These experiments are methodologically attuned to the concepts of pragmatic experience and public sociology. Therefore, they comprise public art from the concept of public to whom underlies the collective experience.

Since 2012, Flavio Marzadro comes activating experiences of this kind, either in Brazil than in Italy. Here will be shown some of these experiences:

Que Ladeira é essa? (Brazil, 2013)

Graphite with Talitha Andrade (Brazil, 2013)

“Mercado do Ouro” or “Praça das Mãos”? (Brazil, 2013)

Post-Factum Salvador (Brazil, 2013)

Post Factum Trento (Italy, 2013)

Salvadorando (Brazil, 2014)

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